As you can see, you’re about to enter the pizza fight. One gull leaves alive until the next night. This blog will focus on my personal interest in writing, politics, history, bad retrospectives, inane content/humor that’s influenced me over the years, and to help other writers/cultists with the often annoying process of basic research on “how much does a sword weigh?”

It’s not the Dragonslayer, friendo. You can’t wield a 50lb slab of iron scrap unless your name is One-Arm Guts!

The content will be divided between semi-humorous to straight forward advice/suggestions depending on my mood. If you also have a question/burning desire to know something, I’ll look it up and research it like I did back in college the night before the paper was due. And I got solid A-s in college still, woo!

But in all seriousness, I do hope you enjoy reading—and laughing to a point—at the content provided.

You’re gonna like the shit I write, I guarantee it.

Very Truly HODOR yours,

Allan Bishop

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