Also known as fridge logic on the lovable but deconstruction obsessed TVTropes. You probably recognize this attitude/mindset from the amazing Mystery Science Theater 3000. It’s the things you start to notice in movies, books, and videogames, and the terrifying realization the author or writer goofed up certain elements. What about the toilets are the kind of questions that super fans ask a beleaguered author at a 90F+ Q&A while someone asks them about the Blackfeather Seagull clan’s sanitation system in Blackdump Bay. It’s something so inane that you take for granted but realize it be worth knowing for future stories.

What About the Toilets are the necessary details and worldbuilding elements to support your fictional teaparty universe. These are a series of articles that provide a springboard for your own ideas based on my years of roleplaying, tabletop, and trial and error through my own worldbuilding and settings.

The Setup (Approaches):

The Great (Un)known, Part I

The World (General Advice):

Banks for 500, Alex (Economics):

The Impressionists (Art):

The Beat of this City (Music):

Why You Need A (Killer) Soundtrack

All Politics Are Local (Politics/Political Systems):

Everybody Was Cutting Down In Steeple City (Combat/Martial Arts):

The World Is Enough (Closing Advice/Afterword)