For the past tenish months, I’ve dabbled in what exactly this blog is about. It’s ranged from meandering thoughts/suggestions to half-arsed essays of varying quality. I can say, given my own crash course on self-editing and experimenting with voice the last year, my writing as a whole has vastly improved in the technical department, along with just pushing it.

I’m a lot more confident with the nuts and bolts, including with letting my “voice” (Hahahahah) flourish like a puppy’s first bark. BARK.

But going forward, I’ll be focusing exclusively on 3 factors.



And Randomness.

I’ll be posting regularly on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Fridays.

Tuesdays will be Politics: whatever I desire. History, figures, battles, systems, whatever comes to mind that can serve as a springboard for you, me, and the magical man known as not Dupree. It’ll be a crash course/flavor of the day for those looking for advice on those subjects.

Thursday will be Mythology. We’ll be going over things like real magic systems, sources of gods and pantheons, how theology has evolved over the centuries,etc. Wanna write that Hades and Persephone retelling? Here’s how you can be true to the source material, and still give it your own spin.

And Saturdays will be Random. A retrospective. An interview. A check in on my own self-promotions (BOOKS!), or whatever I feel like discussing.

That’s all. Here is to a flourishing of inanity.

Bawk. Bawk. BAWK!




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