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Through a Dark Lens:

Through a Dark Lens is a low perspective high stakes science-fantasy set in a projected 22nd century American inspired nation where magic (ard) empowers the majority of technology, cultural expression, and is uttery ignored and rejected by most of the population. Cecil Hargrave, the heir to the clan that rewrote the rules on society’s understanding on mana and its applications, spends his days wasting his honed craft in underground bike races. When he’s about to give up his career as the second best racer in the underground, in walks the first girl he loved-and still does-storming back into his life. She aims to pull him from out of the shadows and into her spotlight like they promised years before.

But his nation’s past comes screaming back with a 700lb amp kick to his head. Right when his ex is about to become the city’s (and the nation’s) next circuit queen, everything goes to shit. A Distorted, a mana devouring beast and the true shape that lurks under mankind’s flesh, takes on the face of an innocent bystander. He saves them and everything Cecil’s been running from comes straight out of the gutters to get a piece of him. He earns the eyes and a recruitment offer from the Darkstalkers, terrorists in the eyes of some and unsung heroes in others, as they like his Distorted cleansing work.

Caught between his ex’s offer at a normal life and his roots as a mage, Cecil’s gotta decide fast. He’ll have to choose between the love of the best person in his life, live free, or join the Stalkers, and prove to himself and society, that mages can still make a difference where no one cares for their work anymore.

And it’s all to fix the gaping holes growing in his broken mind.

Thank you,

Allan Bishop